</ strong> </ span> The Sant Gervasi project is developing in the historic center of the Catalan bourgeoisie, in an area full of small and exclusive shops. </ span> </ strong> </ h2>
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Two blocks are the ones that will house the 29 housing that is new work project is being building in the neighborhood of Sarrià- Sant Gervasi. A perfect opportunity to acquire a property in one of the areas most desired by people to live in the Ciudad Condal </ strong>.

The promotion </ strong> has excellent products and high category, which make this project become privileged and incomparable with the rest of buildings that can be found in the upper area of ​​ Barcelona. </ strong>

Located in the historic district, where the old Catalan bourgeoisie established its second residences </ strong> and surrounded by a multitude of very stately old buildings, is where we can find our promotion. In the last decade the different properties have been reformed so that they could be acquired by both national and foreign investors.

This neighborhood is known for its high purchasing power </ strong>, as it is surrounded by commercial areas with small shops, but at the same time exclusive. In addition, one of its many features is that it is sufficiently far from the city center </ strong>, which gives the area a great tranquility.

Built from scratch, the building will include all the details, services and amenities expected from a promotion like this. Each of the houses will have 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms and a storage room. There are also 38 parking spaces available. All properties </ strong> look outwards or have large terraces.

Another advantage or feature of this building is that it can be accessed from two different entrances. One is located in Passeig de Sant Gervasi 86, and the second one is located in Avenida de la República Argentina 277.

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What makes Sant Gervasi different from other promotions? </ strong> </ span> </ h2>
The location is one of its main characteristics. Located near the Ronda de Dalt, in the heart of the Sant Gervasi neighborhood </ strong>. This is one of the most exclusive neighborhoods that has Barcelona </ strong>, since it is perfectly connected to the rest of the city through the Metro de Vallcarca </ strong> stops and that of the Avenida Tibidabo. </ strong>

One of the most remarkable things that this neighborhood has is that primarily upper-class families reside with a high purchasing power </ strong>. Therefore, the rent is higher than in the rest of the city, but its inhabitants enjoy more consumer goods, with statistics that indicate that the standard of living is higher than the other districts of Barcelona </ strong>.

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Old, charming and unique style </ strong> </ span> </ h3>
Although the old town has the appearance of a village, with narrow streets and small squares, it is surrounded by gardens and has access to the door of the great Barcelona natural park </ strong> such as Collserola.

Sarrià- Sant Gervasi </ strong> still retains all its quiet and stately charm. Formerly, in it, the well-to-do workers and the bourgeoisie installed their palaces and modernist houses.

One of the perfect plans offered by this location and move to the past would be to climb the Tramvia Blau, which takes us to a world from another era, since, along its route through the Avenida del Tibidabo </ strong> Follow the footsteps of the city’s most recent history, of that Barcelona that resembled Paris with landscaped avenues culminating in large churches, as is the Expiatory Temple. From that Barcelona </ strong> that opened an amusement park for visitors at the top of the mountain, with views of the entire city and that currently, has become and maintained as one of the most outstanding leisure spots from the city.

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