The BMP ends 2017 with success both among visitors and in sales. </ strong> </ h2>
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Like every year, this fair has been held at the Montjüic site of the Fira de Barcelona </ strong>. For it, 34,000 people have passed, a thousand more than last year’s attendees. In addition, this year the data to highlight is that 10% of visitors have bought or left behind some type of property.

These reasons and many others, make 2017 is on track to become the second year with largest real estate investment in Catalonia </ strong>. This is because the purchases so far exceed 1,800 million euros, but it is estimated that they will increase to reach 2,200 million by the end of this year.

The president of the real estate salon commented that “despite the exceptional situation, the BMP has registered an increase in its commercial activity with respect to previous editions “. “Most of the participating companies have expressed their satisfaction.”

Among the registered people who visited the fair, 23% were looking for buying a property , usually from new work , to live on a regular basis. On the contrary, 7% of the visitors wished to acquire a second residence </ strong>.

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Technology a new protagonist of the BMP </ strong> </ h2>
In addition to the housing, </ strong> this year a major protagonist of the fair has been technology. Thanks to it and an application created for the event, the organizers were able to know the exact number of visitors at each moment. Also, a virtual community was created that will remain connected for the rest of the year.

Thanks to the surveys that were made to the attendees, it was possible to know their opinion and know which are the most interesting topics. The needs of an urban dwelling </ strong>, services offered through different technological applications or the offer of rental flats.

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Real estate investment is in its best second year </ strong> </ h2>
The first balance for this year of the real estate sector </ strong>, has already been released.

If the political framework is left aside, this is a very active year for investment in Catalonia. Last year, a record was achieved with an investment in the sector with a value of 2,500 million euros.

Currently, the purchases that have been made so far in Catalonia, indicate that it has reached a total of 1,811 million euros, which puts the real estate investment </ strong> until October above those that occurred to the years before the end of the bubble. The forecast is for 2017 to end with the aforementioned total. What will turn this year into the best year in history.

What stands out is the purchase of land to build, as it has increased considerably. But, at the same time, office availability </ strong> and logistics warehouses </ strong> fall significantly. Therefore, it is necessary to build new assets that the market is demanding, but still do not exist.

Forecasts for the purchase of land this year rises to 500 million. Of this amount, 200 are destined to offices, 200 will be allocated to residential construction, 40 million will be for industrial buildings and the last 8 million euros will go to hotel complexes.

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Stoneweg consolidates for the second year </ strong> </ h2>
For Stoneweg </ strong> it has been very positive to return to Barcelona Meeting Point </ strong>. This year they have submitted more than 30 promotions </ strong>, with a total of 1300 homes </ strong>, totaling 200,000m 2 </ sup>, plus three office buildings with 33,000m 2 </ sup>.

The goal will be to finish 2017 with 50 promotions in the portfolio and continue giving confidence to their clients so that they continue investing and acquiring new residences.

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