We know that a good terrace and good views are a fundamental part of the home for many people. The current trend to optimize these spaces and get them to become an oasis for all the inhabitants of the house is landscaping.

This activity is intended to modify the visible characteristics and also the soul of a space, since it can be rural or urban. Among the modifiable elements we find the living, as the flora and fauna, that is, what we commonly know as gardening. The fact of cultivating the plants and choosing colors, shapes and species suitable for the space we have, helps in the task of landscaping and has the purpose of creating a beautiful and natural environment in which to be comfortable . We must also take into account natural elements such as landforms, elevations or water courses. These also influence the time to create a uniform and beautiful space.

On the other hand, we will also find human elements, such as structures, buildings or other material objects created by man. And finally, the abstract elements, such as climatic, luminous conditions and cultural elements. The abstract ones are more difficult to control but the latter, the cultural ones, we must take into account when choosing a landscape typology. It will not be the same to do it in Spain, that for example, in China. There is a lot of difference between culture, types of constructions, plants or ideology among others.

In addition, landscaping is considered an art, but also a science and requires that its experts be observers and have skills in design, planning, creativity, organization and imagination. This work is very important, since not only does it help to fulfill the wishes of the inhabitants of the home, but a landscaper also helps to control pollution and the environment and makes our environment a more sustainable space.

The landscapes are part of our day to day and above all our history and culture. So, we must take care of them and more and more we will need to leave the gray and stressful cities to find our moment of calm surrounded by green surroundings.

In Stoneweg Living we take into account all of the above and that is why we try to find all of our promotions, whether in Barcelona, ​​Madrid or the Costa, a space for landscaping and green and sustainable areas. We care about the environment and always want to achieve the maximum aesthetics and beauty so that our product is liked by our customers.

A clear example is our promotion iKasaScenic in Estepona, Málaga. It has sought to enhance outdoor spaces by offering a landscaping service. Thanks to this, the commitment is to create the perfect terrace for each of our customers.

The houses are located in a privileged place of the Costa del Sol, in Malaga.

stake both for the views, from the bay of Estepona to Gibraltar, as for the architectural design and the qualities of the building. A well designed terrace and the right plants will be the final touch to the house of your dreams on the beach. Outdoor dinners on the terrace will be a pleasure.

If you want to know more information about the landscaping service in iKasaScenic you will find it here . In addition, in our web you will find other examples of promotions with the features described above.