Established in 2015, Stoneweg is a Geneva headquartered real estate investment company structuring investment mandates as well as providing advisory services for portfolio optimization for both direct and indirect real estate investments.

With a dynamic bottom-up approach to project selection, Stoneweg constantly screens large numbers of assets, selecting only those with the strongest fundamentals. We strive to identify how markets are evolving, as well as the trends which shape the future of local real estate investments. By identifying these trends, Stoneweg seeks first mover advantage, creating long-term value for our investors.

Our in-depth analysis goes much further than the figures related to the asset itself. This holistic approach to analysis forms the basis for our investment structuring and real estate strategiesThe Partners of Stoneweg are composed of seasoned professionals who are first and foremost investors. They co-invest in every Stoneweg project, product and strategy. Thanks to their background, Stoneweg has a solid financial approach to real estate investment.

The company is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland and has offices in Spain, the USA, the UK, Ireland, Andorra and Italy.

For more information about Stoneweg Group, please visit www.stoneweg.com


Stoneweg Living builds and rehabilitates unique homes in unique locations, especially in Barcelona, Madrid and on the Mediterranean coast.

Together with carefully selected local partners, Stoneweg Living builds homes according to the highest international standards and guarantees an extraordinary level of comfort.

Each Stoneweg Living project combines a fantastic location, state-of-the-art technology and innovative design so that your dream home also becomes the investment of a lifetime.

We are a people-driven real estate management company. In addition to having a wealth of real estate knowledge, we know how important it is to find a home for each of our clients. That’s why, before starting a new project, we talk and listen so that together we can build the future you’ve always wanted.