Stoneweg Living develops and renovates unique homes in exclusive locations, with a focus on Barcelona and Madrid.

 Stoneweg Living it´s a business line focused on managing the residential area of Stoneweg SA, a Switzerland-based real estate services management company created in 2015, also present in Italy and the US. In each country it has assembled a network of recognized partners and highly experienced local teams.

Through a thorough selection of local partners, Stoneweg Living builds homes with the highest international standards, guaranteeing you an exceptional level of comfort.

 Every Stoneweg Living project is a combination of a fantastic location, cutting-edge technology and innovative design. So that the home of your dreams also become the investment of your life


People are at the heart of this company. Before starting a project, we listen and talk extensively to our clients to truly understand their needs, so that together we can build their dream home


Apreciado usuario:

La salud y bienestar de todos nuestros empleados, colaboradores, proveedores y clientes es nuestra prioridad.

Por ello, aunque nuestros puntos de venta permanecerán cerrados físicamente, SÍ agendaremos visitas virtuales, atenderemos vuestras solicitudes y resolveremos dudas para poder continuar con nuestra actividad como hasta ahora.

¡Déjanos tus datos y el comercial te contactará y enviará un enlace para poder explicarte todo al detalle, así como enviarte la documentación!